"For over a year Tasha has worked in our school with a number of children for a variety of different reasons. The impact on the children is noticeable in school and out. She is easy to work with, being very approachable . Her enthusiasm, dedication and belief in play therapy shines through. "

Nina Stone, SENCO Bicester

"Natasha has been working within our partnership over a year. She has been extremely dedicated often going beyond what has been expected of her. She is very professional, punctual and is very good at keep communication between all those concerned. We are lucky to have her and our families have benefited enormously."

Sharon Hallam, Senior Home School Community Link Worker

"Tasha is an asset to our school. She has successfully worked with many of our children to address a range of issues and the effects have been outstanding. The impact of Tasha's work has been fundemental in equipping the children with life-long self-help skills. Tasha builds strong relationships very quickly with the children she supports. She maintains reflective and constructive dialogue members of the staff to benefit the child. Simply fab!"

Pam Cotter, SENCO Bicester